Rios Family


PASTOR Aaron rios
Worship Pastor & Young Adult Pastor

Hailing from central Florida in 2015, Aaron, his wife Sarah and their 5 daughters - Astrid, Isabella, Giuliana, Adelina and Karis - have made Massachusetts their place of residence and ministry. 

Aaron is a graduate from Southeastern University and spent a considerable amount of time performing and touring in bands, working with churches in music and arts and even spent a short stint with MILLSPORT INTERNATIONAL in Mobile Marketing.

Aaron also served many years in the mental health field and worked as Senior Administrator with the Florida United Methodist Conference.  He was the founder of Arms Around the World - a short lived not-for-profit organization which facilitated mission work in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010, Japan after the tsunami in 2011, and the Dominican Republic. Aaron also served as worship Leader with United City (a central Fl based community organization), and as worship leader at YOUMANS PRAISE and WORSHIP CENTER, a non-denominational Church in Plant City, Fl prior to receiving the privilege to serve at Newlife Church in Leominster, MA.

"In the late 2000's I realized I had wandered considerably from the path which God intended for my life and in doing so I lost the peace and sense of God’s presence. I am so grateful, despite my many failures, God’s love and faithfulness drew me back. It wasn't until I personally encountered God’s power in an unexpected way that the course of my life was drastically altered and I fully surrendered my life to Jesus. I found myself freed from bondages, addictions and my marriage was salvaged. I then felt a strong leading to pick up from the last place the Lord had directed my life (Revelation 2:5) - which was worship... I need the presence of the Lord- I am desperately dependent on Him, and I long to be used to help others experience HIS presence"


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